Grade 9 Math Crash Course

Grade 9 Math Math Crash Course

The Study Shop Grade 9 Math Crash Course reviews all major topics covered in Grade 8 Math and teaches, in depth, the curriculum for Grade 9 Math. The course is designed to be completed over 16 hours.
Designed by math teachers, the course structure is based on years of experience teaching students in all levels of math. The Grade 9 Math Crash Course will help students not only feel more confident and comfortable with the curriculum, but excel in math! We'll specifically focus on linear equations, problem solving, analytical geometry and more.

What's Included?

  • Detailed Course Outline & Introduction
  • The Study Shop Grade 8 Review
  • The Study Shop Grade 9 Math Study Manual
  • The Study Shop Grade 9 Math Comprehensive Exam Review
  • The Study Shop Grade 9 Math Formula Sheets
  • Practice Worksheets & Additional Handouts
  • 16+ hours of high quality learning!
  • Hundreds of questions with full step-by-step solutions


All included documents can be found in the .zip file.
Upon purchase, a download link is automatically sent to your email.



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